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9 Tips That Will Make You a 5-star Rider

Hello, rider! If you’ve landed here, we’re sure you’ve found Rentop suitable for your rental vehicle needs. Now, you’ve created an account and started browsing through vehicles, you’ve probably also…

Mar 13, 2023

7 Tips to Make Your Vehicle Stand Out

So, you’ve created a host profile and uploaded all relevant information to make your listing live. But is it enough? Well, not quite. Here are some quick tips to optimize…

Feb 13, 2023

10 ways to ensure your vehicle’s safety

Are you tired of cleaning your vehicle every few months and then finding it lying in the same corner, dusty and untouched, the next month? Want to do something with…

Feb 13, 2023

Getting Started As a Host

Got an idle two-wheeler doing nothing but catching dust? Well, there’s a way that even that can make money for you. With zero investments! Don’t believe us? Keep reading to…

Feb 09, 2023

Rent a bike in Bangalore

What’s up, people of Bangalore? Are you looking to rent vehicles for your daily errands or do you own an idle vehicle? Rentop is now in your city to build…

Sep 20, 2022