9 Tips That Will Make You a 5-star Rider


Mar 13, 2023
9 Tips That Will Make You a 5-star Rider

Hello, rider!

If you’ve landed here, we’re sure you’ve found Rentop suitable for your rental vehicle needs. Now, you’ve created an account and started browsing through vehicles, you’ve probably also found a couple of two-wheelers nearby, and at the prices you want, with the features you need – so what’s next?

Ideally, you can simply select your booking date and time, and go ahead with the booking. But before you take the next step, here are some things we want you to keep in mind to ensure the safety of both you and the rental vehicle. 

Tips for Riding at Rentop 


  1. Selecting the right vehicle & host

While it can be tempting to reach for the cheapest or closest option available, we also request you consider the host rating, reviews by previous riders etc. Always check the reviews or comments left by the last riders to ensure you’re aware of the vehicle defects if any. You can also take an additional step and look through the host’s social profiles to make sure that they’re authentic, and who knows – could potentially match your ‘vibe’.

  1. Avoid cancelling at the last minute 

Imagine booking a cab only to see them cancel the same in a few minutes. Not cool, right? Cancelling your booking once it’s been confirmed reflects in the same way to your host. Not just this, but it will also negatively impact your ratings. Rentop has a very transparent booking policy, and while we do not levy any cancellation charges at the moment, the host is free to rate the experience poorly in the event of such cancellations. 

  1. Keep your profile up to date

Upload all relevant information such as your profile picture, email ID, and a soft copy of your driver’s license. It is mandatory to upload the DL in order to ensure that the host is confident about renting their vehicle to you. 

  1. Include your purpose of travel

Including the purpose of your travel will help the host build confidence about renting the vehicle to you. By being clear and upfront about your request, for example, say a long ride to Nandi Hills or a nearby tourist attraction, you can eliminate the hosts who are not comfortable with their vehicle doing long trips or on rough terrains. This way, you can connect with the right hosts while also making sure they’re comfortable with your request. 

  1. Take that selfie during pickup

Or multiple pictures of the vehicle during the vehicle pickup. Upload these and confirm the pickup on the Rentop app. This will ensure that defects (if any) are noted in the app, and will eliminate any confusion while returning the vehicle. 

  1. Avoid penalties 

Be sure to return the vehicle at the scheduled drop-off time/date to avoid penalties. In case of an extension, make sure to book the same on the app, and communicate with the host directly as well.

  1. Report issues during the trip

If you’re facing any difficulties or vehicle troubles during the trip, feel free to reach out to the host directly. We recommend informing any inconvenience whatsoever so that the host can guide you on the next steps. 

  1. Pickup & collect flow

There are several steps listed on the app during the time of pick up and drop off that have been carefully picked to ensure the safety of you, the host, as well as of the vehicle. Please complete and comply with the entire process to document everything. Additionally, drop a review on your host to improve their overall ranking and future bookings. This will also help other riders to get a good picture of the host.  

  1. Treat the vehicle as your own

This goes without saying. The vehicle you’re renting belongs to someone else just like you. Please return the vehicle in the same condition as it was picked up. Please respect others’ inhibitions and guidelines to ensure a smooth experience. 

A smooth rental experience needs three things, a good host, a great vehicle and an even greater rider who can treat it with respect. By keeping the above tips in mind, you’re not just taking care of the vehicle, you’re also welcoming great feedback from your hosts and increasing your chances of future bookings. 

Happy riding!

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