Bangalore’s Culinary Revolution: Unveiling 2024’s Hottest Restaurants


Jun 21, 2024
Bangalore’s Culinary Revolution: Unveiling 2024’s Hottest Restaurants

Bangalore’s food scene pulsates with innovation, constantly brewing up exciting new restaurants. From pioneering global flavors to reimagined Indian classics, there’s a culinary adventure waiting for every palate. But with a plethora of options, where do you begin? This comprehensive guide spotlights 20 of Bangalore’s hottest new restaurants in 2024, poised to become your next favorite foodie destinations.

Dive into a World of Flavors

  • Planka at Phoenix Market Mall (Opened: February 2024): Embark on a world tour of taste under celebrity chef Ajay Chopra’s helm at Planka. This fine-dining haven takes you on a global adventure with unique twists on international favorites. Think Hummus Platters with a twist, Crispy Lotus Stem bathed in Hunan Sauce, and melt-in-your-mouth Bhatti New Zealand Chops. (Avg. Rating: 4.7 stars)
  • Koko Bengaluru (Opened: December 2023): Mumbai’s culinary gem, Koko, has finally arrived in Bangalore! Spread across a majestic three-level space, this restaurant offers a delectable fusion of Cantonese and Japanese cuisine. Signature dishes like yellowtail carpaccio and black rice edamame roll are sure to impress. (Avg. Rating: 4.8 stars)
  • NUSA – Tropical Brewvilla (Opened: April 2024): Calling all beach bums! NUSA transports you to a tropical paradise with its vibrant decor and island-inspired dishes. From fresh seafood platters to succulent grilled meats, their menu is a celebration of coastal flavors, perfectly paired with their in-house craft beers. (Avg. Rating: 4.5 stars)
  • LUPA (Opened: March 2024): Manu Chandra’s first solo venture, LUPA, recreates the warmth of a classic Italian trattoria. This split-level restaurant offers a delightful spread of pizzas, pastas, and antipasti, alongside a curated selection of Italian wines. Don’t miss their signature gelato bar and salumeria (cold cuts bar). (Avg. Rating: 4.9 stars)
  • Burma Burma (Opened: May 2024): One of India’s most celebrated Burmese restaurant chains, Burma Burma, has opened its doors in Bangalore. The restaurant boasts an eye-catching interior with showstopping features like wrought-iron partitions and a bright blue faux window. Their menu showcases a variety of Burmese delicacies like SamuzaHincho, Mekong Curry, and Rangoon Baked Milk. (Avg. Rating: 4.6 stars)

A Celebration of Indian Flavors

  • Zarf – The Indian Kitchen at Sheraton Grand Whitefield (Opened: March 2024): Indulge in a luxurious fine-dining experience showcasing the best of Indian cuisine at Zarf. Their menu, meticulously crafted by skilled chefs, boasts delectable dishes like Lamb Nihari, Peshawari Namak Mandi Lamb Chops, and Tandoori Burrata Cheese Salad. Don’t forget to explore their unique cocktail menu for an unforgettable evening. (Avg. Rating: 4.8 stars)
  • Bastian Garden City (Opened: January 2024): Owned by the iconic Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Bastian brings its brand of modern Indian luxury to Bangalore. Nestled in a charming bungalow, this restaurant boasts an extensive menu featuring innovative fusion dishes and a sophisticated ambience perfect for special occasions. (Avg. Rating: 4.7 stars)
  • Dishkeyaun, Brigade Road (Opened: May 2024): Craving a hearty Indian meal? Dishkeyaun offers a delightful spread of North Indian classics with a focus on slow-cooked curries and kebabs. Their menu caters to vegetarians and vegans as well, making it a great option for a group meal. (Avg. Rating: 4.5 stars)
  • The Chambers – ITC Gardenia (Opened: February 2024): Step into a world of culinary grandeur at The Chambers. This fine-dining restaurant within the ITC Gardenia Hotel offers an exquisite selection of North Indian dishes prepared in traditional tandoors and sigris. (Avg. Rating: 4.9 stars)
  • Naamyaa – The Artisanal Indian Kitchen (Opened: March 2024):Naamyaa celebrates the rich culinary heritage of India with regional specialties from across the country. Their menu features dishes like Chettinad Chicken Curry, Goan Fish Curry, and Rajasthani Laal Maas, all prepared using authentic techniques and fresh ingredients. (Avg. Rating: 4.6 stars)

Bangalore’s Culinary Revolution: Unveiling 2024’s Hottest Restaurants (continued)

Unwind and Savor the Ambiance

  • SMOOR Lavelle Road (Opened: April 2024): Calling all dessert enthusiasts! SMOOR’s newest addition in Lavelle Road is a haven for those with a sweet tooth. Indulge in an array of handcrafted chocolates and patisseries, boasting unique flavors that combine international techniques with traditional Indian mithai influences. (Avg. Rating: 4.9 stars)
  • The Reservoire (Opened: March 2024): Escape the city bustle and find yourself at The Reservoire, a stunning restaurant nestled amidst a serene lake. This upscale venue offers European cuisine in a picturesque setting, perfect for a romantic dinner or a relaxing evening with friends. (Avg. Rating: 4.7 stars)

Explore the Vibrant Bangalore Nightlife

  • Biergartern (Opened: February 2024): Looking for a lively pub experience? Biergartern brings a slice of Germany to Bangalore. With an extensive selection of beers on tap, delicious pub fare, and a lively atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot to unwind after a long day. (Avg. Rating: 4.3 stars)
  • Oney Brewhouse, Cunningham Road (Opened: January 2024): Calling all craft beer enthusiasts! Oney Brewhouse offers a vast selection of home-brewed beers alongside delicious pizzas and bar bites. Their spacious rooftop seating and vibrant atmosphere make it a popular spot for Bangalore’s young crowd. (Avg. Rating: 4.4 stars)
  • Mr. Phillys American Cheese Steaks (Opened: May 2024): Craving a taste of Americana? Mr. Phillys brings the iconic Philly cheesesteak to Bangalore. Their menu features authentic cheesesteaks made with fresh ingredients and a variety of toppings, along with classic American sides like fries and onion rings. (Avg. Rating: 4.2 stars)

Hidden Gems and Local Favorites

  • Quzo by Fire – Indiranagar (Opened: March 2024): Nestled in the heart of Indiranagar, Quzo by Fire offers a unique take on Indian street food. Their menu boasts innovative dishes like Deconstructed Samosa Chaat, Gunpowder Dosa Tacos, and melt-in-your-mouth Malai Kebabs. (Avg. Rating: 4.6 stars)
  • The Fatty Bao (Established 2010): While not technically new, The Fatty Bao remains a Bangalore favorite. This trendy restaurant offers a delectable selection of Asian street food specialties like baos, ramen, and dumplings, perfect for a casual hangout with friends. (Avg. Rating: 4.8 stars)
  • Toca Terrace (Opened: April 2024): Perched atop a high-rise building, Toca Terrace offers stunning panoramic views of the city alongside a delectable menu of European and Mediterranean cuisine. This rooftop restaurant boasts an elegant ambience and an extensive wine list, making it a perfect spot for a special occasion. (Avg. Rating: 4.7 stars)
  • Prime Golf Brewing (Opened: March 2024): Calling all golf enthusiasts! Prime Golf Brewing combines your love for the sport with a passion for craft beers. This unique restaurant and brewery is located within the Prestige Golfshire Club and offers a relaxed atmosphere with delicious pub fare and house-brewed beers. (Avg. Rating: 4.5 stars)
  • Jamming Goat 3.0 (Opened: February 2024): The popular gastropub Jamming Goat has expanded to Indiranagar! Jamming Goat 3.0 offers a vibrant space with a focus on innovative cocktails and globally-inspired dishes. Think Passionfruit Gol Gappas, Crispy Broccoli with Sriracha Mayo, and melt-in-your-mouth Lamb Rogan Josh Bao. (Avg. Rating: 4.8 stars)


Bangalore’s culinary scene continues to surprise and delight with its ever-evolving offerings. This list merely scratches the surface of the exciting new restaurants waiting to be discovered. So, grab your friends and family, embark on a culinary adventure, and explore the hottest new places to eat in Bangalore!

Bangalore’s Culinary Revolution: Unveiling 2024’s Hottest Restaurants

Bangalore's food scene pulsates with innovation, constantly brewing up exciting new restaurants. From pioneering global flavors to reimagined Indian classics, there's a culinary adventure waiting for every palate. But with…

Jun 21, 2024

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