10 ways to ensure your vehicle’s safety


Feb 13, 2023
10 ways to ensure your vehicle’s safety

Are you tired of cleaning your vehicle every few months and then finding it lying in the same corner, dusty and untouched, the next month? Want to do something with your idle vehicle that can also help you earn income, but are worried about its safety? Rentop is the one-stop-shop for all things rental, where anyone can host their idle vehicle and anyone can ride it. 

How our triple-check policy ensures safety

Launched in 2014, Rentop is India’s first community-led vehicle rental platform. Our hosts enable our platform to reach over 86% of Indian commuters who don’t have access to two-wheelers. Rentop is not just a rental platform, it’s an ecosystem of riders and vehicle owners. We use advanced data to vet our riders and ensure only the safest bookings happen – be it through the rider’s details, their social media or their ratings. The entire renting process, right from vehicle handover to collection is integrated with the app – which ensures a double-check for any missing items or damages.  Additionally, in case of disputes, this also helps Rentop in making a swift decision.

But what can YOU do to ensure your vehicle is in the safest hands? Here are a few protocols. 

What can you do to make sure your vehicle is safe?

  1. Always Verify the Rider 

    Ensure that you are well informed about your potential rider and their purpose of travel. This will mitigate the risk of renting out your vehicle to a stranger and also gives you the upper hand in approving or disapproving a booking. To enable this, you need to disable instant booking. This way, you will get an alert 12-24 hours before a booking, and you can go through your rider’s social profiles and other details before approving their booking.
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  2. Collect Original ID Proofs 

    This tried-and-tested method has worked tremendously in the past and there’s no reason to not use this today as well. We suggest collecting an original ID proof from the rider at the time of handover to make sure they handle and return your vehicle safely. Make sure to check its validity. Important ID proofs like Aadhaar or PAN card are recommended over Voter’s ID or Ration card.
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  3. Security Deposit 

    Add a security deposit against your rental to back up your booking. This will act as an additional layer of security. We recommend anywhere between Rs. 1000 – 2000, depending on your vehicle type, and the number of days the vehicle is rented.
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    💡Pro tip: Enable submitting an original ID and paying a security deposit as riding rules while listing your vehicle so that the riders are prepared for the same.

  4. Ask them to get social 

    At Rentop riders are suggested to link at least one-two of their social media handles. Social media today is a representation of a person’s true personality and what better way to ensure your vehicle’s safety than to get to know the rider through their social media? Be sure to look for authenticity and credibility on these platforms. Look for how many followers they have or how active they are to ensure that this is a real profile.
    Recommendation score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

    💡How does Rentop ensure that these profiles are not fake? Our support team conducts surprise audits on both riders and hosts and continually blocks those who are not genuine. 

  5. Get more info
    • Purpose of booking: While creating your listing, make it mandatory for the rider to enter their purpose of travel. Or you can also ask for these details when you get a booking alert. 
    • Profile picture: Make sure the rider’s Rentop profile picture is uploaded and up-to-date. Ensure that the same person comes for vehicle collection. 

    Recommendation score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

  6. Driving license 

    Make sure your rider’s driving license is already uploaded on Rentop. If not, you can ask them to share a soft copy before accepting their booking. This will ensure that people without a DL are not making a booking. Even minors are ruled out this way.
    Recommendation score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

  7. Check your insurance 

    Ensure that your insurance is valid and up to date. Make sure your insurance covers all incidents and accidents to minimize any unexpected damages/charges.
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  8. Documents first, safety next 

    While this goes without saying, it is always good to double-check all your vehicle documents like Pollution Certificate and RC, and to make sure they’re valid and up to date.
    Recommendation score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

  9. Convert to a commercialised vehicle 

    You can also convert your vehicle into a commercial vehicle for better theft/damage coverage under commercial insurance. This will also change your number plate into a black/yellow one. You can contact us at support@rentop.in to know more about this.
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  10. Tracking your vehicle 

    While all the measures mentioned above prioritize your vehicle’s utmost safety, you can also add trackers to your vehicle to remotely track its location. Rentop can also help you secure the best trackers in the industry. For details, reach out to support@rentop.in.
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Sit back and start earning!

Greet the rider, shake hands with them, collect ID proof or deposit (if any), and relax! Your vehicle is not just in safe hands but is also enabling someone’s commute needs and making their day special. Make sure to leave a good rating if you’re happy with the rider to increase their booking score.

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