Getting Started As a Host


Feb 09, 2023

Got an idle two-wheeler doing nothing but catching dust? Well, there’s a way that even that can make money for you. With zero investments! Don’t believe us? Keep reading to know how.

Rentop is India’s first two-wheeler rental platform where customers can rent a two-wheeler from anyone with an idle vehicle. All you’ll have to do is register on the app and list your vehicle to start earning! Our hosts earn close to Rs. 6,000 monthly on average with their idle vehicle. 

Why Rentop? What you’ll find only in Rentop.

We’re not just a rental platform, we’re an ecosystem. Apart from earning income with your spare vehicle, here are some benefits of using Rentop:

1. Minimal effort: Hassle-free Hosting

Rentop is India’s first two-wheeler rental service that lets literally anybody list their vehicle in just five steps.

2. Maximum safety: Not just a platform, but an ecosystem.

Our 3-step verification process ensures that your vehicle is safe and secure. We authenticate all the info provided by our hosts by thoroughly inspecting it. Then, we link their profiles to their social media accounts like Facebook & LinkedIn to ensure their true personalities shine through. The exact process applies to customers as well. 

Apart from this, we have also created a community where all hosts can rate their customers, and similarly, all customers can rate their hosts. This way, the next host can see the customer’s ratings before approving their rental request. 

Not satisfied with your potential customer’s rating? You can simply decline their booking and share the reason with us so that we can flag the customer and keep this in mind during their future bookings. 

3. Regular income: Earn upto Rs. 6000 monthly.

A host can easily earn anywhere between Rs. 300 – Rs. 800 per day on average by listing their idle two-wheelers.  

How to get started 

Step 1: Download the Rentop app from the Playstore or Appstore .

Step 2: Tap on the “host” section in the bottom right corner (image) and click on “host a new vehicle”.

Step 3: Next, select the type of two-wheeler that you want to list.

Step 4: Enter your vehicle details or simply enter the registration number, and we will fetch all the information required from our RTA feed.

Step 5: In the next step, you can either take real-time photos of your vehicle or add them from your gallery. We typically need a minimum of 4 photos for scooters and bikes, and 3 photos for a bicycle to get started with your listing. We recommend covering the front, either side and back angles of the vehicle. 

For a detailed list of how you can optimise your vehicle with good photos, click here. 

Step 6: Once the photos are uploaded, you can either add your location manually or select the location picked up by our tool. This is the location where your vehicle will be visible to the customer while making their booking. Please make sure the location is easily accessible, accurate and in a safe parking area.

Some more info: You might notice a toggle option to “Configure Instant Reserve” which means the customer can make a booking immediately once your listing is live. If you wish to review your rider before approving their booking, please change this to off.

Final step: The last step to complete your listing is confirming the rental price. By default, we will suggest a competitive price, along with the minimum and maximum rental prices available in the market. You can enter your preferred pricing per day, per booking. And on the next screen, you can enter any discount, if needed. 

💡Our recommendation: Studies show that customers are inclined towards a lower-cost vehicle with a discount when compared to a listing with a standard cost and no discounts. 

Additional step

You can also add some more info on your vehicle like its features, mileage, years of use, number of kilometres driven, etc to boost your listing. 

The next steps

And done! Your listing will be under review for the next 12 hours. We will notify you once the vehicle listing is approved, so all you’ll have to do now is sit back and relax while we help you make money with your idle vehicle. 

(Conclusion) The secret to a 5-star listing

Want your vehicle to shine through? Here are some tips to make your listing a 5-star one with these simple steps

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