Rent a bike in Bangalore


Sep 20, 2022
Rent a bike in Bangalore

What’s up, people of Bangalore?

Are you looking to rent vehicles for your daily errands, or do you own an idle vehicle? Rentop is now in your city to build a community for hosts and riders. We are here to help you find each other when you need it. Whether you’re looking for a side gig and want to list your vehicle on our marketplace or visiting Bangalore and need a vehicle to move about for some sightseeing, the Rentop community is here to help.

Here’s how easy it is to get started:

Initiate your journey by simply entering your location and desired rental dates in the Rentop app. Our platform offers a variety of vehicles to match your needs, whether it’s an Activa for running errands, a superbike for that special date, a bicycle for daily exercise, or a Himalayan for your next adventure.

Choose your ride from a curated selection of local listings. Reserve your chosen vehicle with just a 10% advance payment through our secure app, reflecting the flexibility and ease of our system.

Confirm your booking once the host approves. You’ll receive all the details for pickup, including the host’s contact information, directly in the app, fostering a trust-based community where hosts and riders can communicate openly.

Pick up your ride at the agreed location. Complete the transaction by paying the remaining amount, verify your ID, and possibly leave a deposit, depending on the host’s requirement. Before you set off, both you and the host will use the app’s ‘start trip’ functionality to document the vehicle’s condition, ensuring a smooth rental experience.

Return with memories, bringing the vehicle back to the host’s location. The ‘end trip’ process on our app will guide you and the host through concluding the booking and sharing reviews, fostering ongoing community trust and engagement.

Ditch the Bangalore traffic and embrace a world of shared stories and vehicles. Join us in making Bangalore clean and green. With Rentop, experience a new vehicle every time and create core memories without the hassle of ownership.

Let’s inspire adventures and make the world a better place, one shared vehicle at a time. Welcome to the Rentop community, where every ride writes a new page in our shared story.

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