Self-driven car rentals in Bangalore for easy commute


Jul 10, 2023
Self-driven car rentals in Bangalore for easy commute

Rent a Self Drive Car in Bangalore

Bangalore is an emerging Indian city with rapid growth in the IT industry and retail businesses. Apart from this, it offers a blend of Victorian-era buildings, lush green parks, science museums, and many natural attractions to visit. So, many people from surrounding cities and of course across India visit this place every year. The city is well-connected to highways and wide roads. So, driving the car is an exciting experience in Bangalore. That’s why the business of rental car in Bangalore is boosting day by day. At Rentop, we are the largest car rental service in Bangalore offering a varied range of self-driven cars to travelers.

Selecting a car to rent

You can rent a self drive car in Bangalore upon your visit to this urban center. If you are not a local, then hiring a car can really make your trip amusing and convenient. You can commute around the places to see without any hassle. Bangalore has many places to offer such as national parks, and botanical gardens, and people often want to visit nearby places like Coorg, Ooty, and Nandi Hills. So, when you are in the city, you can select a car to rent. It provides you with ample selection options from available cars and you can pick one that suits your needs.

Rent car in Bangalore with Rentop

Thanks to our wide range of cars available which has made us a reckoned car rental service in Bangalore. When you hire a car with us, you will get flexible options to rent it for a day, week, or month. Simply put, you can hire one until your stay in Bangalore and can commute easily to the places of interest. We provide you with unlimited kilometer packages, so you can visit the surroundings of Bangalore without worrying about the meter reading. The charges are flat and you won’t need to pay an extra amount to run the car miles away from Bangalore.

How to rent a car in Bangalore with Rentop?

Are you ready to begin your next adventurous trip to Bangalore? If yes, download our app and book yourself with the self-drive car today. We will deliver it to your doorsteps whether it be a home, resort, hotel, or any other location. If you are ready to move around the city, you need to do a few simple tasks such as:

  • Download the Rentop app for Android or iPhone
  • See the models of cars available and select one
  • Let us identify when and where you want transport
  • Accept delivery and kickstart your trip
  • Indicate from where you want us to pick up the car for a return
  • Pay via multiple and secure online payment methods

The Rentop advantage

You can get full advantage with us to rent a self drive car in Bangalore. We provide rental cars at competitive prices and you can even hire one with hourly rates. Don’t limit yourself while having a ride with us!

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