Rentop bike rental services Bangalore: Everything you should know


Nov 09, 2023
Rentop bike rental services Bangalore: Everything you should know


Bangalore is a popular tourist city in India hosting a vast range of places to discover. It is best known for ancient temples, scenic drives, parks and gardens. Also, Bangalore is the key place to explore the hills region in South India. Thus, tourists to this city often prefer to make flexible travel plans for adventurous trips. So, if you are planning to visit this place, you will feel delighted to avail the service of bike rent in Bangalore. It is a premium service offered by Rentop which is a licensed two-wheeler rental company. We render a plethora of self-driven bikes to Indian as well as foreign tourists.

Travel to the city and nearest places

At Rentop, we feel immensely proud to proclaim that we provide an extensive assortment of motorcycles to rent. These are adventure and commuter geared bikes and gearless scooters to hire on daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. They are the readily available fleets you can hire at competitive prices. Thus, using our bike rental services, you can commute locally as well as in surrounding places. For example, you can travel to explore the beautiful scenery of Shivanasumudram Falls situated 135 km from Bangalore. The best part of your travel on the bike would be the scenic views that you can explore. Also, you can roam locally to discover temples, gardens, and markets in Bangalore.

Bike Rent in Bangalore

Grab the best riding experience with Rentop

Rentop has been in the bike rental business for years with the aim of delivering experiences. We know how much you would expect from our bike rent in Bangalore. So, we take our goal very seriously and work tirelessly to ensure you have the best biking experience every time. Moreover, we have included a vast range of 2-wheelers such as:

  • Himalayan Royal Enfield
  • Bajaj Avenger
  • Yamaha
  • Bajaj Pulsar
  • Royal Enfield Classic
  • Hero Splendor
  • Honda Active
  • Hero Maestro
  • TVS Jupiter, etc.

So, you can have ample choice to select the fleet which you can find comfortable to ride. We pledge that any bike you select will be in top working condition and never compromise on the quality of the ride. Also, you don’t have to worry about the legal aspect of riding the bike in and around Bangalore. You will get the vehicle with all the necessary papers and a complimentary helmet to drive safely. Thus, without any hindrance, you can reach your destination to make your travel overwhelming.

How to rent a bike with Rentop?

If you are a bike-riding fanatic, you probably know how a bike can swarm in the traffic on the road. In rare instances, driving a bike could become challenging only. But mostly, it is easy to kick out traffic hurdles when you are a perfect rider. So, in a bulky and crowded city like Bangalore, hiring a bike for rent can make your way towards the preferred destination. So, wait no more to find the best bike destination like Rentop to drill the road with no obstacles. Here are some useful tips on how to discover bike rent in Bangalore.

Bike Rent in Bangalore

Create an account and sign up

You only need to download the Rentop app on your mobile which is free to use. Simply create an account and sign up to find the best deals on bike rentals. It takes just a few minutes to discover the collection of two-wheeled bikes online. We have an associated network of bike owners in Bangalore who give their two-wheelers for rent. So, by using our app, we connect you with a genuine deal on a self-drive bike. You can check a series of bikes and make a choice for one to ride.

Check and compare prices

Rentop brings you transparency for checking and comparing the prices of bike rentals. When you are ready to pick the solution for a road trip, you can first ensure that the price is fine. You can compare Rentop with other apps and find the most decent deals here only. Also, all of our bikes have fixed prices for day, week, or monthly rentals. Therefore, no fluctuation in prices and sudden surprises of taxes bother you. In addition to this, we have a secure payment network to facilitate riders to pay online for bike rentals.

Retrieve the keys

After selecting the bike and settling for payment options, you can retrieve the keys from us. You can get a set of two keys to have a backup in case of key missing. Although, it does not happen often that our customers have to experience key-missing incidents. But in case you lose it accidentally, you can use another one to continue the ride. Moreover, you will get all the verified papers of the bike such as the pollution certificate, RC, insurance, and helmet. Thus, there will be no problem that you will face due to the lack of any paper and travel accessories.

Select bike delivery and pickup

Rentop is committed to offering superb flexibility to its customers. Therefore, bike rent in Bangalore is an adaptable service available at your disposal. You can choose to hire the bike as per your own travel schedule and can select the pickup location for the delivery of the bike. We have a dedicated team to assist you with the utmost convenience for accepting the bike at your preferred pickup location. So, you don’t need to visit our office but can get the bike delivered to your doorstep such as your home or hotel. You can also travel with flexibility to attain your travel goals.

Hit the road harder

Once you are ready with all the gears, you can begin the adventure of biking in Bangalore. For safety’s sake, we advise you to take control of your speed and wear a helmet every time you ride. You can pave the path to explore local destinations and can make a trip to places like Nandi Hills, Hampi, and Ooty, from Bangalore. Ride the bike alone or with a companion to make your trip memorable and enticing. There is no need to travel as per the schedule of the tourist company when you have the rental bike to cruise on the road on your own terms.

Join the troop of bikers with Rentop

Bike Rent in Bangalore

Bike rent in Bangalore is an exciting venture that works with shared mobility. So, when you are travelling to this place with a group of people, you can consider biking with your friends. It would certainly add a remarkable experience to your ride. So, discover the best benefits of renting your favourite bike with Rentop below.

Convenience of travelling

A motorcycle is undoubtedly a convenient mode of transportation. You can get extreme comfort by hiring one as it facilitates you to roam on the road with no regression. Unlike 4-wheeled vehicles, a bike can navigate through narrow tracks and roads. Therefore, you will not have to stop whilst driving the bike to your favourite destination. Bikes are also lighter in weight so handling and controlling them is easier even during intense conditions. Thus, you can have a more enjoyable experience of travelling with bike rentals.

Reach closer to stunning views

Despite your goal of travelling on a bike, it is guaranteed that you will have superior enjoyment and vision of scenic views. Bike is easy to get closer to the views especially when you are riding through the hills. So, during your trip to a hill station from Bangalore, you can enjoy stunning nature views. It will definitely make you happier and more contented as you will have the most rejuvenating travel experience.

Save money whilst riding

Undoubtedly, bike rent in Bangalore is affordable even than using public means like buses, taxis, and trains. At Rentop, we provide you with the best deals on bikes which are affordable. You can get a bike on rent for an average price of 200-300 per day. Also, you are free to rent one for a week or month at competitive prices. In addition to this, a bike consumes less fuel and gives more mileage than cars. Thus, you can travel to your favourite places whilst saving money.

Travel flexibility

Every bike rider has a passion for riding independently to discover the best travel places. So, during your trip to Bangalore, you can find bike rentals to travel with super flexibility. You don’t have to travel as per guided tours. So, without any intervention, you can ride to discover the places of your own interest. Moreover, you don’t need to schedule the ride as per the encoded timetable. You can travel at your own pace during the day and night.

Rent a bike with Rentop and have fun!

In the end, you can achieve the supremacy of travel adventure with Rentop bikes. We are your trusted partner in making your ride awesome and amusing. So, don’t hesitate to download the Rentop app and choose the bike of your choice. Just browse our finest range of bikes and scooters to get the best travel insights with us. Tell us your requirements and get tailored solutions to make your travel memorable in and around Bangalore.

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