Rentop motorcycle rentals and road trips in Bangalore


Nov 10, 2023
Rentop motorcycle rentals and road trips in Bangalore

A road trip is certainly the beast mode of every adventure you would want to add to your travel checklist. When it comes to planning a road trip with your friends or alone, you will always require a special and customized bike. So, at Rentop, the story of shared mobility begins with just a simple sharing of bike travel, and it reaches the big marketplace of bike rental in Bangalore. So, upon your arrival to this amazing city, you can reach us to rent a bike of your choice and grab the fistful of bike throttle. You don’t need to look back for another day as we render prompt service to our customers.

Appreciating the idea of hiring a motorcycle

  • In Bangalore, there are places and sites which can only be admired and experienced when arriving by motorcycle. You can sense the winds of freedom, flexibility, and aptness by hiring our rental bike. It comes with a tailored solution for you as Rentop has bike rentals which are suitable for males and females to enjoy the ride. With the large classification of sports models, regular bikes, scooters, etc., we are the largest platform to get the bike which suits your convenience and budget.
  • In addition to the choice of bike, you can get ease of riding as we have bikes for novice and experienced riders. The speed, torque, geared, and gearless functioning of bikes enable you to outlay your path to beautiful destinations. Thus, you can have the primal of pure joy and adventure with our bike rental in Bangalore. Apart from this, Rentop brings you the coolest way to book a rental bike by simply using an online app. You can download the app on your mobile, open it, and book the bike to get prompt delivery for the same.

Bike Rental in Bangalore

Enjoy the flexibility of bike rental duration.

Rentop is passionate about bikes, so we have an extensive array of popular bike brands like Harley-Davidson, Royal Enfield, Honda, Hero, Yamaha, etc. Also, we boast a fine range of scooters like Activa, Destini, Jupiter, and e-bikes as well. Apart from this, we offer the flexibility of renting bikes for the desired term, such as short-term and long-term rentals. Thus, you can plan your custom tours in and around Bangalore with having freedom to ride a bike. Rentop is proud to be a part of your soul-filling journey and memorable adventures.

Begin self-drive tours with Rentop bikes.

Bangalore is a major Indian city having longer boundaries and comprises small towns and recreational hilly areas. Therefore, having a joyful bike riding experience with us definitely brings the best adventure to your disposal. Self-drive tours are really popular with riders who admire the flexibility to ride as per their own schedule. So, whether you want to ride solo or with a small group, you can include a hand-selected motorcycle. You can head towards exciting places like Nandi Hills, Coorg, Yercaud, Coonoor, Gokarna, Kodaikanal, etc. Apart from these places, you can explore the breathtaking views of waterfalls like Iruppu Falls, Jog Falls, Barkana Falls, etc.

Bike rental in Bangalore – Compare prices and hire

Seeking to cruise the roads of Bangalore on your preferred two-wheelers? If yes, the Rentop app is available for you to hire the best bike. You can download this search tool on your mobile and start exploring hot deals exclusively available for you. Whether you want to hire one for a day, week, or longer, we got you covered with the best deals. We have maintained fixed prices for our motorcycle hires, so you can compare and select the package that suits your budget.

Why rent a bike in Bangalore? Does it really make a worth?

Bike Rental in Bangalore

Are you still wondering why more and more people are seeking to rent bikes during road trips to their favourite places? Well, it’s a great option not only because of the cheap prices. But it delivers a suite of advantages that gives you a competitive edge.

  • Avoid traffic lanes

With a bike, you can easily pass like a wave through the traffic. No doubt, Bangalore is a crowded city, and traffic jams a normal condition. But, being late to arrive at a specific destination will certainly spoil your day. Most probably, using public transportation won’t serve your purpose when you want to fly to the open sky like a bird. Having a bike can save you from traffic hassles and prevent the frustration of waiting for hours in traffic lanes.

  • Easy to park

Finding adequate space for parking the car or van is challenging, especially whilst visiting famous destinations. It can also come with a hefty cost to reserve a parking space. So, renting a bike can also evade such hassle since you can easily park it even in a tight space. Rentop provides you the compact bike rental in Bangalore you can park in a properly locked condition. Thus, having one can put ease in your travelling.

  • Enjoy more and better views.

Travelling to the hill areas, temples, waterfalls, and natural landscapes around Bangalore is easier. You can explore the wilderness of nature by driving the rental bike to places of interest. There is a popular saying that the path is more beautiful than the destination. So, when you ride around on our rental bike, you can enjoy more views with a closed focus. You can reach closer to natural wonders like waterfalls and forests to explore more adventure.

  • Perfect for romantic couples

If you are a couple and looking to have a romantic gateway in Bangalore, you can add more appeal to travel with a bike ride. Exploring wonderful destinations on the bike would certainly make you happier, and you can travel on a 2-seater bike to write a new story in your married life journey. Moreover, biking would increase your bonding as it would let you escape to the mysterious world of joy and excitement together. So, sign up today for the Rentop app and choose the best bike to rent in Bangalore.

Rentop bikes – Your freedom to endless travel

Bike Rental in Bangalore

Rentop is ultimately the best app for rental bikes since you will get top-maintained bikes. This is a user-friendly app you can use to make fast bookings for the bike. By simply navigating the options of different bikes online, you can choose one which suits your travel needs. It’s really convenient to rent a bike and ride in just three simple steps.

  1. Find the bike

Just open the Rentop app, enter your requirements, find a bike and confirm the booking.

  1. Get bike delivery

Once you have booked the bike, our representative call you to deliver the bike to your preferred location.

  1. Get the keys and go.

Once you get the delivery of the bike, receive the keys and kickstart your journey to the place of your interest.

Unlock a hassle-free biking experience with Rentop.

Bike rental in Bangalore lets you unleash the riding experience without any hassle. First, you can ride the bike, which is properly tested and maintained to deliver with smooth riding experience. Secondly, you will get on-road assistance from Rentop in case of any mishappening. Although, being a sensible rider, you will follow all the safety and traffic rules. Also, we provide you with a complimentary helmet for bike riding. You can also ask for another helmet for your companion from us at the time of bike delivery. So, with us, you will get the best riding experience with a rental bike.

Why choose us for bike rental services in Bangalore?

At Rentop, we want you to be free from the unkept promises and strict travel schedules of guided tours. These tours feel like signing a bond for you to enjoy as per the wishes of others. But we want you to have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy the trip at your own pace. Therefore, we have carefully chosen rental packages of bikes for you to make your road trip unforgettable. We give you the impulsive support to enjoy the freedom of wandering without any agreement.

  • We deliver verified bikes.

Rentop has gained immense recognition for delivering verified and tested bike rental in Bangalore. All of our bikes and scooters are tested and tried by experts to make your ride free from any glitches.

  • Quality riding gears

Your safety is our priority, so we are committed to providing you with quality riding gear. For every ride, you will get helmet, a duplicate key for backup, and a fuel-filled bike.

  • Fair deals

Rentop brings fair bike rent deals for you since we provide you with all necessary documents such as PUC, RC, Insurance papers, etc. Also, we kept our promise to deliver affordable bikes for rent. We have competitive prices, and all of our bikes have government accreditation.

  • Round-the-clock online assistance.

Our experienced staff is always there to provide you with online assistance 24/7. So, if you have any query related to bike hire, you can reach us anytime to serve your needs.

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