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We're on a mission to build India's largest decentralised shared mobility platform

An idea 9 years in the making.

It started as a simple exchange between two college students nine years ago- one of them had a vehicle the other wanted to rent to travel to a seminar. It ended with both of them attending the seminar, sharing common interests and theorising that they needed to create a forum/tool to replicate what they had achieved- connect other willing hosts with riders.

This idea of a vehicle-sharing platform solidified with Rentop in 2014, when it was only a neat website for vehicle rentals. Over the years, they established a working partnership and collaborated on various projects with prominent companies and built their own SaaS startup, all while nurturing Rentop. In 2022, they decided to take a leap and focus single-handedly on setting up Rentop on a large scale as per their original vision.


The idea originated with two college students sharing a single vehicle to travel to a seminar. They talked about common interests and future possibilities.

Rentop was born as a way to replicate this connection and ease of swapping vehicles and stories.

In 2014, we launched a basic website for Rentop and started onboarding hosts.

In just 7 months, 250 hosts were onboarded and 412 bookings were made

Rentop took a backseat for a while as they collaborated with India’s premier motorcycle rental company- WickedRide Ltd later known as Bounce

This helped them gain valuable insights into running a rental business.

After graduating from college, they expanded the company by diversifying into the rental of utility scooters under the moniker Metrobikes, later becoming known as Bounce.

Founded their own technology company to develop tech platforms and ERP systems. They offered support to the businesses they previously worked with, along with new businesses.

Wielding the years of expertise in the two-wheeler rental industry and running a successful software firm, they relaunched Rentop.

Hired their first P2P supply onboarding Manager.

Slowly the Rentop expanded to a well-rounded, balanced team of 5.

Launched the Beta version of the Rentop app for hosts and riders- where you can list your unused vehicle or rent one out!

Rentop organically scaled amongst more than 1000+ host across 30+ Indian cities.


Aug 2014

Sep 2014

So we built an app that does all that and this-

Promotes sustainable travel

Makes commute easy-breezy for riders

Boosts local economy & tourism

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Offers convenient,
affordable rides

Creates extra income for hosts

Creates a rental ecosystem that enriches travel culture

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