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should agree to these following
strike policy-

Effective from [Date], Rentop is dedicated to enhancing our Rider experience and values your contribution to our platform. To ensure exceptional service, hosts must adhere to the following guidelines while listing their vehicles:

1. Vehicle Conditions:

Your vehicle must be in excellent condition with functioning brakes, gears, and engine. Ensure the vehicle is cleaned before and after every trip.

2. Changing Listing Duration:

The duration of a listing cannot be reduced for an upcoming booking starting within the next 48 hours unless the vehicle is unavailable due to traffic violations, theft, or accidents. Hosts experiencing difficulties with bookings are encouraged to inform Rentop before considering cancellations.

3. Booking Fulfillments:

Hosts with confirmed bookings must hand over the vehicle at the agreed start time. Refusing a confirmed booking is not allowed. Hosts doing so may face penalties, impacting the Rider experience. Rentop will notify hosts of instances where guidelines are not met, affecting the Rider experience. Compliance ensures positive ratings, maximizing earning potential. Failure to comply may result in lower ratings and potential delisting from the Rentop Host Program.

Strikes and Delisting:

Hosts exceeding "5 instances" or "2 consecutive Bookings Impact" of non-compliance ("Strikes") within 30 days will be delisted for 1 week from the Rentop Host Program.