Renting a bike in Bangalore – What you should know


Nov 28, 2023
Renting a bike in Bangalore – What you should know

Riding a bike is no less than a passion for many travelers. They tend to enjoy the ride and always seek for best bike rental offers during traveling. So, no matter from where you have come. If you have a passion for bike riding, you are at the right place. Rentop is the best marketplace where you can find a wide range of two-wheeled bikes. So, if your next destination is Bangalore, you can consider hiring a rental bike to plan your road trip. You can search for rent bike Bangalore and get directly to the Rentop app to book the bike. It takes less than a minute to discover the range of bikes once you have signed up for the app.

Pick your efficient mode of transportation

For most Indian travelers, a bike is the most convenient mode of traveling. Riding a bike is a priceless passion especially when you are riding it on unknown routes for the first time. So, during your travel to Bangalore, you can seek the best enjoyment and precious deals from Rentop. You can attain a rental bike to avoid traffic congestion and can explore your route in a scenic way. Rent bike Bangalore from Rentop and make your travel affordable since you don’t need to buy a new one to accommodate your needs. You can explore the city and its surrounding areas with the rental bike by Rentop.

Geared and gearless bikes – The choice is yours

Rentop offers a versatile solution to your travel needs when you have a plan to visit Bangalore. Being the paramount choice for rental bike lovers, we deliver versatile travel solutions. Thus, we have a diverse range of two-wheeled fleets which come with added features. So, whatever your travel preference is, you can make a choice between geared and gearless bikes using the Rentop app platform. You can find bikes with gears to get the speed and performance to ride across the hills and for chasing far destinations from Bangalore. Also, we provide a seamless range of scooters which are gearless options for riders to roam within city limits in a calm and tranquil mode. So, rent bike Bangalore as per your driving accord to have fun and adventure.

Know your route – Drive carefully

At Rentop, we want you to travel safely when it comes to chasing scenic routes to reach mesmerizing destinations. However, every city has specific traffic rules as per the density of vehicles and population. Therefore, Bangalore seems to be a busy city that comprises high-traffic density. So, we advise you to do smarter research on the local bike culture to make your ride hassle-free. Even if you are not able to choose a certain path to travel, you should keep the following considerations in mind.

What kind of bike riding do you often prefer?

Rent Bike Bangalore

You should always take a little time to seek what type of biking you should prefer to rent bike Bangalore. For instance, some bikers have slow-paced riding and they enjoy riding under certain geographical limits to have fun. Some have a preference for riding to places that are situated miles away from city limits. Hence, they seem to ride fast-paced bikes. Therefore, making a certain choice for the bike ride enables you to pick the best bike rental. So, in order to fulfill your needs, Rentop has kept a diverse range of bikes to choose from like:

  • Hybrid bikes
  • Cruiser bikes
  • City bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Off-road bikes

So, depending on your riding preferences, you can make a unique choice for the bike to pave your path toward excitement.

What is the purpose of renting a bike?

In addition to the specific choice for bike rental, you should navigate a little for what you need a bike to rent. This means that you should have a clear purpose for hiring the bike in Bangalore. It enables you to make the perfect choice for the bike and saves you from unintended costs. Since, every bike at Rentop has different charges which vary from hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. Therefore, in order to rent bike Bangalore, you should know the intended purpose of bike rental services. For example, if you want to commute locally for work, you can prefer a city bike with good mileage and low rental prices. But if you want a bike to ride across the mountains to explore outstation destinations, you can consider a mountain bike.

More tips by Rentop to hire the best bike rental

The section above has highlighted the considerations you should know to choose the best bike rental. Now, come to the tips that you should follow when it comes to renting the bike you have decided for your travel endeavor. So, take a look at the below tips which are simple yet valuable enough to make your travel awesome.

Condition for the bike

You must rent bike Bangalore which is in excellent shape. So, while renting the same, you should check if the tires, mirrors, and handle of the bike are in good shape. Ask for a replacement if you find damage in the fleet as we will promptly fulfill your need. Also, check the essential working of the bike such as racing, clutching, gear shifting, and braking before riding. We want you to be safe on the road so at Rentop, you will only find the best bikes at your disposal.

Complete safety gears

Rentop brings you high-end bikes for rent in Bangalore. so, your safety is committed from our end to make your ride perfect. However, we provide you with a complimentary helmet to wear throughout the journey. But if you have a travel partner then you should make sure to ask us for another helmet from our service representative. You should even make your safety gear complete if you are riding a sports bike. Jackets and gloves are necessary to wear whilst riding a sports bike because of safety. Although, we are open 24×7 to provide you with on-road assistance in case you face an unfavorable incident.

Complete the documentation

As mentioned earlier Bangalore has strict rules and regulations when it comes to driving on the road. So, be cautious with the speed and take care while crossing the signal. But more importantly, you should receive the complete documentation at the time of rent bike Bangalore. It is mandatory to have all valid papers and documentation prior to riding the bike. So, before you start riding the bike across Bangalore, you should check if:

  • You have endorsed policy for the bike insurance
  • You have a legitimate pollution under-control documentation
  • You have the RC booklet for the bike in hand

At Rentop, we take care of all these documents and hand them to you when you rent the bike. However, you should make a cross-check to ensure that you have all valid papers to ride the two-wheeled vehicle.

Check the best prices

Rent Bike Bangalore

Rentop is the most trusted platform for rental bikes in Bangalore. So, when it comes to the pricing of rental bikes, you don’t need to worry a little about getting mugged. You can take a look at the prices for each bike we have listed on our Rentop app. Thus, we keep the transparency in our service which won’t let you experience any hoodwink to pay more for the fixed prices. However, the prices for the term of bike rental can vary from vehicle to vehicle. For example, a normal city bike is available at lower prices than a sports and mountain bike. Also, you can take a look at charges for bike rentals for specific time periods such as hours, days, weeks, or months. However, at Rentop, you don’t need to pay any security deposit for renting the bike. Also, we give you utter flexibility to ride the bike for unlimited km during your rental term.

Ask for a test drive

Rent bike Bangalore after a test drive to make sure you have made a perfect choice. Rentop provides you with ample facilities when it comes to riding the bike of your dreams. So, before you begin with the journey, ask us to provide you with a test drive to make a solid decision. Also, you can get the rental bike delivered at a preferred location of pickup from where you want to commence the journey. We will not hesitate to deliver it at your disposal within a certain timeframe.

Get your bike from Rentop to fly for endless adventure

Don’t wait for more, to begin with the endless adventure of riding a bike in and around Bangalore. You can explore so many man-made and natural attractions and catch the scenic views with your camera. Rentop provides you with the best opportunity to rent bike Bangalore with the assurance of safety, integrity, and quality. Thus, using our service, you can grab the best adventure for yourself which never ends.

Enquire us to rent bike Bangalore by signing up Rentop app!

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