From scooty to motorcycles, choose self-driven rental bikes from Rentop


Nov 14, 2023
From scooty to motorcycles, choose self-driven rental bikes from Rentop

Do you ever think about hiring a two-wheeler to escalate your road trip experience? If you are still staring at the roads to drill it with your favourite bike, Rentop has got you covered. We offer an exquisite range of self drive bike rentals in Bangalore being the largest provider of rental two-wheelers. Regardless of your travel goals, you can make an instant pick for a bike to live your dream. For this, you just need to make an online booking for the bike using our Rentop app which you can find easily in your mobile’s Play Store section. Unlike others, you don’t need to seek for least favorable choices with us. We provide you with numerous options for 2-wheeled vehicles to use as rental road-trip gear.

Tailored rental plans to meet travel requirements

Self Drive Bike Rentals in Bangalore

Rentop is the best marketplace where you don’t only seek the bikes to rent. But you can find tailored rental plans specially designed for the specific travel needs of riders. Thus, we provide you with the bike on rent for hourly, weekly, or monthly travel. You can get a bike for a full 24 hours and can choose to hire it for a certain period in a day. Henceforth, you can trust us when it comes to meeting your exclusive travel needs without worrying about bike renting. Apart from tailored solutions, we also give flexibility to choose the bike of your choice.

Exclusive and affordable range of bikes for you

It doesn’t make sense to go for high-priced self drive bike rentals in Bangalore when you can find pocket-friendly deals. Rentop offers you an exclusive and affordable range of bikes to rent for travelling. You can choose from bikes such as Honda Shine, Honda CBR, Bajaj Pulsar, Yamaha FZR, Suzuki Intruder, Royal Enfield and many more. Likewise, we offer an endless variety of scooters like Activa 5G/6G, Jupiter, Maestro, and even some e-bikes and scooters. So, there is no shortage of bikes when it comes to hiring a favourite bike to cruise the road during your trip to Bangalore. All these bikes are available at competitive rates and you can hire one without depositing any security amount and paying any taxes.

Commute better on Rentop bikes

Rentop is a dedicated service which not only serves the outside community of bikers in Bangalore. But we also provide our bike rentals to the local riders who often seek affordable solutions to travel for work and shorter rides. So, we aim to offer the cheapest travel solutions which are available at 10x lower prices than cabs. Apart from this, you can save more on your valuable time since riding the bike is easier, and speedier, and helps you to ditch the killer traffic in Bangalore. Thus, once you decide to rent a bike, your comfort becomes our responsibility. We let you discover the precious bike hiring solutions at your disposal by delivering them to your doorsteps. Rentop always feels proud to help riders with valuable transportation services.

Subscribe to our bike with the Rentop app

Renting a bike for a shorter duration is always a better alternative to buying one. Our monthly bike rental options in Bangalore offer you maintenance-free bike ownership. Thus, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a new bike to make your road trip to Bangalore worthwhile. In addition to this, we are committed to delivering you the best bike so that you can make a glitch-free move with self drive bike rentals in Bangalore. Take a look at what you can expect from Rentop bike rent endeavours.

Professionalism and quality

Rentop is a professional service you can completely trust to make your riding experience prolific. We are not a local rental bike provider but a team of enthusiast bikers who come up with an idea. We opt for a service to start which adds flexibility to every bike rider to deliver exceptional travel experience. So, hiring our bikes brings top-notch deals at your disposal which are transparent, competitive, and fair. We follow the authoritative process of serving customers for bike rent. Also, we have verified bikes to rent which are actually owned and are well-maintained and tested by our experts. So, riding a bike would certainly deliver an amusing adventure.

Personalized rental solutions

We offer personalized mobility solutions to cater to the needs of every client which is precious to us. Therefore, before making a final choice for the bike to rent, we provide you with an ample range of fleets. Thus, you can make a choice which suits best your budget, riding preferences, and personality. For instance, you can choose a Royal Enfield if you want to get more engine power to ride it through hills. However, for local rides to home from work, you can consider a normal range of self drive bike rentals in Bangalore. You can hire a hero Splendor or Passion bike for great mileage and affordable local commutes.

Hassle-free bike rentals

Rentop is always eager to resolve the problems of bike riders by providing exclusive deals at doorsteps. Regardless of your location in Bangalore, we strive to deliver you the bike to your preferred pickup location. Whether you are seeking delivery of bike at outskirts of the city, we serve your needs. So, with us, you can enjoy a hassle-free biking adventure. In addition to this, there is no need to visit us physically since you can mention your requirements through the Rentop app. It enables you to get the desired bike delivery in 5-10 minutes to your location. Whether you choose a bullet bike or scooter, you can get the fastest delivery at your disposal.

Transparency and honesty

Self Drive Bike Rentals in Bangalore

Transparency and honesty are synonyms to Rentop which are also our core strengths. Therefore, what we do makes us exceptionally perfect in our domain of bike rental services. Thus, while checking our bikes, you can check the prices online to make comparisons. It gives you the ability to choose the two-wheeler which fits your budget requirements.

  • We have a range of scooters which you can avail on an average per day price of 300-400.
  • Our mileage bikes are available at an average price of 500-800 per day.
  • You can even check the range of premium bikes available at an average price of 1000-1200 per day.

Thus, you can also book these two-wheelers for a limited number of hours, weekly, and monthly rentals.

Easier to book, easier to ride

The Rentop app is a digital platform which makes the bike renting experience easier. Our app is user-centric thus you can book the bike easily in a few taps on your mobile. You just need to open the app to explore the range of bikes we have. In a matter of minutes, you can book the bike by simply filling in details like:

  • Your location
  • Bike pickup date/time
  • Bike drop date/time

Once you have filled in the details, you can search the list of self drive bike rentals in Bangalore and make a confirmation booking. It’s so simple and you can get the bike to ride across the roads of Bangalore.

Self Drive Bike Rentals in Bangalore

Get sanitized bikes

At Rentop, we offer bikes for rent to deliver you safe rides. Therefore, we keep our bikes well-sanitized with pure disinfectants and liquids. Moreover, cleanliness is our policy which inspires us to deliver properly wiped bikes. So, by hiring us you can get well-maintained as well as thoroughly cleaned bikes to ride. Thus, it will make your riding more zestful when you have your favourite bike in hand to have elegant travel. In addition to this, we provide third-party and accidental insurance to riders along with every bike.

Delivering joy through rides of pleasure

Biking is undoubtedly a pleasurable experience you can ever discover. So, Rentop brings you the best-in-class experience which caters to your needs as per desired action. We expand your horizons to explore the destinations you want through the roads. So, by consulting us, you can deliver yourself a joy of pleasure to make it memorable. We are inspiring youth who know the adventure of biking and how it can transform any journey from boring to entertaining. Thus, we have a classification of bikes which are designed for youth biking fanatics.

Bring your imagination to reality with Rentop

Self Drive Bike Rentals in Bangalore

Self drive bike rentals in Bangalore strive to turn your imagination into reality. Therefore, we are keen to make your holiday trip to Bangalore, Karnataka amazing. You can commute to local places like Cubbon Park, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, UB City, Shiva Temple, and many more places. You can also discover the places which are close to nature such as Nandi Hills, Yercaud, and many waterfalls. So, let’s heat up your inner passion and ride the bike to explore the undiscovered places on Rentop rental bikes. Simply pick the best deals using your mobile by downloading the Rentop app online to find superb deals with us on rental bikes and scooters.

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